{Photography} Florida 2012

It’s hard to believe that this August it will be two years since my mom took my brother and I to Florida! It was such an awesome trip, and I took SO many pictures in those seven days lol! We stayed in a condo in Marco Island. It was the cutest little town, and the weather was perfect the entire time we were there (which was a surprise, because a week earlier, a hurricane went through).  A few of the highlights of the trip included a tour of the Everglades, where we saw gators, bald eagles, dolphins and (my favourite) manatees! We also spent an afternoon in Miami and a day at Busch Gardens.

Anyway, here are a few of my favourite pictures from that trip!

IMG_20120830_121125 IMG_20120830_172843 IMG_20120830_173254 IMG_20120830_173925 IMG_20120830_190904 IMG_20120831_112134 IMG_20120831_112840 IMG_20120901_221657 IMG_20120901_222357 IMG_20120901_222543 IMG_20120901_222739 IMG_20120901_224115 IMG_20120901_224401 IMG_20120902_190952 IMG_20120902_191142 IMG_20120902_191728 IMG_20120902_192305 IMG_20120902_192622 IMG_20120902_192858 IMG_20120902_193039 IMG_20120902_193146 IMG_20120902_193415 IMG_20120902_194441 IMG_20120902_194739 IMG_20120903_100739 IMG_20120903_100914 IMG_20120903_102303 IMG_20120903_102728 IMG_20120903_103237 IMG_20120903_203243 IMG_20120903_203538 IMG_20120903_203919 IMG_20120904_215708 IMG_20120904_220500 IMG_20120923_234229

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