{Photography: Dogs of Frankfort}

Last year, Andrew and I spent a week down in Frankfort, MI with my family. We stayed in a beautiful cottage that was a quick walk to an amazing, quiet beach. If you ever get the chance to go to Frankfort (or any of the surrounding cities of Northern Michigan along M22), don’t pass it up! When you’re there, you forget where you are. The lake looks like an ocean, and the overall ambiance makes you feel like you are in a far away paradise. We’re going again this August, and are so excited.

One of the things I started doing on our last trip, was taking pictures of the different dogs we met throughout the week. Andrew and I missed Guinness so much, and getting a chance to hang out with other dogs made it easier to get through the week with our little man so far away!

I like to call this gallery, “Dogs of Frankfort.” Enjoy!


We met this adorable duo while we were out shopping in Glen Arbor. Jackson (first picture) was very curious and eager to meet new people, but his sister, Dorie, was older and a bit more shy as she cuddled in her mom’s arms. Andrew was happy that Jackson let him hold him for a few minutes!


This pretty girl, Bernie, was still a young pup when we met her on one of our beach days. She LOVED sticking her face in the sand, but was very wary of the water lol. She loved meeting everyone and put a smile on all of our faces.


Malibu was a surprise to us because we found her relaxing in a store! She belongs to the owner of a bookstore in downtown Frankfort, and you can usually find her hanging out there throughout the day.  The poor girl was obviously pretty tired when we took her picture!IMG_20130814_222239

Nelson, a Brittany Spaniel, was one of the most entertaining pups we met on our trip! He was walking along the beach with his owner, when Andrew stopped to introduce himself. After a few minutes of us talking with his owner, Nelson started digging a HUGE hole in the sand. We thought he was just being silly, but then he pulled out a tennis ball!!! We were so amazed and gave him a big round of applause. Tons of dogs will have walked over that spot and not realized the prize that was hiding beneath the sand, but Nelson’s nose rewarded him with a toy to play with for the rest of the day. Andrew threw the ball into the water, and Nelson retrieved it over and over again. He was quite the character, and he definitely made our day!

IMG_20130814_222502This gorgeous girl was not only my favourite friend from our trip, but she also gave me one of my favourite photos of all time. I LOVE this picture! Delilah is a pit bull that was recently adopted by her owner. She was very timid, but extremely gentle and kind. We also found out that she was deaf, which explained a lot of her cautious behaviour. I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding this breed, but I think Delilah and her owner are perfect examples of how kind and beautiful pit bulls are when they raised by loving, dedicated people.

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